Black Crow Records™

The record label and music production world as we knew it has pretty much had its run. Why is this? Because it has become easier than ever to do near on everything for yourself, obviously depending on your pocket and how much you have to spend, but even that has been simplified by companies offering different release packages and placements on some of the wolds leading music platforms.

It is our aim at Black Crow Records to be able to offer, ghostwriting, songwriting services, high quality album art and graphics, as well as, instrumentals for musicians. Obviously retaining all rights to our work and will be credited by the artist/s in accordance with any contract we were to enter into.

Where possible productions can also be published through Black Crow Records, we realise everybody's needs and circumstances are going to be different, e.g. an artist may just want a song written, already have a label, need help with existing work, they may just want instrumentals, and so on. Custom work will also be available, specific themes/compositions for artist/s, commercials, trailers, adverts and so on.

Over the oncoming months we will slowly be updating and introducing different elements for artist/s from all levels interested in working with Black Crow Records™. In the meantime and for serious enquiries feel more than welcome to contact us.